IT Staffing Services

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IT Staffing is a strategy where a service provider, such as Sapience InterGlobe, one of the Top Staffing Firms for IT Services in Delhi, NCR, offers skilled workers to companies to help them achieve their goals. It’s a cost-effective way to access highly skilled and specialized staff, ensuring your organization has the right talent to drive success.

Sapience InterGlobe offers IT Staffing services, allowing companies to add to their team using our skilled and experienced personnel based at our India offshore development center. This is a budget-friendly way for companies to grow their staff and complete special or time-limited projects.

This service from Sapience InterGlobe is a cost-friendly way for businesses to get bigger and better. They can get more staff to finish tasks that might not be around forever. Maybe it’s a special project that will only last a few months, or perhaps it’s a task that needs to be done right now. With Sapience InterGlobe’s IT Staffing, these businesses can get these tasks done without having to spend more than what they can afford. It’s a smart and budget-friendly way to grow and achieve more.


Contract Staffing

Our contract staffing services help you bring in the right people for jobs that don’t last forever. Companies use services like ours when they need extra hands for projects coming up, busy seasons, or to have fewer workers when things are slow. By hiring people on a contract basis, your company can have the right number of staff and keep skilled people who are available now, but without the extra costs that usually come with employees.

In simpler terms, we help you get the right people when you need them, for as long as you need them. This way, your company always has the right number of staff. You can get more people for busy times and fewer when it’s quiet, without the usual costs that come with hiring permanent staff. This helps you stay flexible and save money.

Direct Placement Staffing

With our direct placement staffing services, we at Sapience InterGlobe take over the job of hiring and checking out candidates. This lets you pay attention to running your business. We make sure every person is the right match for you. To do this, every candidate has to pass several tests for their skills and personality before we even show them to you.

To make it simpler, think of us as your helper in hiring new employees. We handle all the hard work of finding and vetting potential workers so you can focus on your work. Our main goal is to find the perfect person for you. To achieve this, we have every candidate go through a series of skill and character checks. Only after they pass these tests do we
present them to you.

Contract To Hire Staffing

Our contract-to-hire staffing services offer you the best of both worlds. You get the usual benefits of temporary staffing, but you also have the choice to make the worker a permanent part of your team. How does this help you? Well, it lets you work with the worker for a set time. During this time, you can see how they perform. If you think the worker is good for your company both in terms of skills and fitting into your company culture, you can then hire them to stay for good.

In simpler words, we give you a chance to ‘test drive’ employees. You work with them for a while, and if you like how they do their job and how they fit in, you can keep them on your team forever.


Technical skills mapping and aptitude assessment by HR recruiter

Organization fit evaluated by HR panel

Technical competence assessment by competence/functional head

Background and reference check by Administrator