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Drive Conversions With Direct Shopping Ads

Boost your sales with Direct Shopping Ads. These ads let customers see and buy your products directly from the ad. It’s a simple and quick way for people to shop, which makes it more likely they’ll buy. Plus, these ads show off your products, making them more appealing to customers. Start using Direct Shopping Ads and see your sales go up.

Maximize sales with Sapience InterGlobe, the top Google Shopping Ads Agency In India. Drive direct purchases from ads, simplifying shopping for higher conversions.

  • Allow People to Find Your Products Easily and Efficiently
  • Increase the Opportunity for Your Business to Generate Better Results
  • Generate More ROI for Your Business

Boost Sales With Google Shopping Strategies

Google Shopping lets people search for products and compare prices from different online stores. While it’s not an online marketplace, it’s a great place for brands to show ads to the right customers. These ads appear on Google’s main search page and in the shopping tab. Google Shopping is really helpful for online businesses. It’s great because you can show a lot of info about your products, like pictures, descriptions, and prices. This makes people more likely to buy. People using Google Shopping are usually ready to buy, so if they visit your website, they’re more likely to make a purchase.


Showcase Products To The Ideal Customers

A well-planned Google Shopping campaign can help online stores a lot. You can advertise your business, show off your best products, and get more people to visit your online and physical stores. To start, create a Google Merchant Center account through Google Ads and upload your product details. Google will make a campaign just for your market. Your ads can be seen by millions on the Google Display Network. Google Shopping ads now make up most of all retail search ad spending. They’re popular because they give customers important product details before visiting your site. When customers click on your ad, they’re more likely to buy something.

Achieve Market Domination through Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping lets you advertise for free, but you pay if someone clicks on your ad. The price of clicks depends on how much you want to spend each day and how visible you want your products to be. When your daily budget is used up, Google stops showing your ads. Businesses need to choose the right strategy for their products and goals, like Manual CPC, Target ROAS, or Enhanced CPC. They also get to decide where and how their ads show up, like on certain devices or in specific locations. To make this easier, consider hiring a Google Shopping expert agency like Sapience InterGlobe.


Design Google Shopping Ads that Deliver Outstanding Results

If you want your business to do well, it’s smart to work with Sapience InterGlobe. We know how to create great ads and find your ideal customers. We’re skilled with Google’s tricky system and can create ads that draw in and win over customers. We use data to make cool ads and ensure you get full value from your money. We also learn what your customers like, so your brand can stand out. Teaming up with us can boost sales and get you new customers for steady growth. Contact Sapience InterGlobe to see how we can help you smash your sales targets.

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  • How does Google shopping work?

    Google Shopping is not a marketplace, but rather an advertising platform that collects product information from retailers. Users can search for products and convert through these retailers own websites.

  • How to use Google shopping?

    Google Shopping listings appear in relevant searches in both the main search engine and the Google Shopping tab. These ads feature product images, pricing, descriptions, reviews and special discounts.

  • How to advertise on Google shopping?

    Using the Google Merchant Center, businesses tailor campaigns around specific products and keywords. Powered by your bid preferences, website details and other information, Google Shopping displays ads to relevant customers.

  • Is Google shopping free?

    Having your product listed on Google Shopping is free. However, you’ll have to pay whenever a user clicks on your advertisement. With smart targeting, your campaign can be highly cost-effective.

  • Google Shopping ads cost?

    Google Shopping’s cost constantly changes depending on how you establish your bid preferences, desired visibility and targeting. However, you can expect to pay 10-15% of the sale value on advertising.