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Maximize Your Sales with Strategic Facebook Marketing

Boost your business with Facebook Ads from Sapience InterGlobe, the top Facebook Marketing Agency in Delhi, India. We use smart tools and careful analysis to connect with your future customers. With attention-grabbing content, personalized ads, and fun campaigns, we promise to help increase your sales. Watch your business grow, see more successful deals, and get your brand known with our creative methods. Make the most of your sales and achieve success with Sapience InterGlobe.

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Expand Your Audience with Facebook Advertising

What are Facebook ads? These are ads you see in your news feed and the side column when you’re on Facebook. With more than 2 billion active users, Facebook is a great place for businesses to show their products to potential customers. This is why many businesses use Facebook marketing. Facebook ads let businesses choose who sees their ads based on location and other factors. If done right, Facebook ads can be very effective and offer a high return on investment. Plus, they’re one of the most affordable ways to reach the exact group of people a business wants to reach.


Build Your Brand Identity with Facebook Advertising

The Facebook Ads platform lets marketers reach their audience by factors like gender, age, location, habits, interests, and more. This helps make your ads very effective, reaching the right people to turn into customers. You can choose if your ad shows up on the sidebar or in the newsfeed of your target users. Then, you set a budget and decide if you pay per click or per thousand clicks. It might seem overwhelming at first, but it’s actually easy and effective. For the best results, you can hire a Facebook advertising agency like Sapience InterGlobe. They’re industry leaders who can help you succeed.

We Formulate, Manage, Execute and Repeat

Managing Facebook ads is rewarding and convenient. You can monitor your ads in real-time from anywhere, not just on a computer. Facebook provides real-time data about how your ads are doing and details about your target audience. This helps you understand which groups respond best so you can adjust your ads accordingly. You’re not stuck with a campaign if it’s not working – you can stop it anytime. Plus, you can upload your customer’s email and addresses to target existing customers and those with similar preferences. It’s a flexible, informative tool that helps you reach the right people with your ads.


Simplified Strategies: We Make it Simple for You

Facebook ads can be overwhelming for newcomers who aren’t familiar with how it works. If not done right, ads won’t make much of an impact on your marketing strategy. But at Sapience InterGlobe, we’re experts in Facebook ad services and we’ll handle the hard work for you. Our experienced team has worked with many reputable brands and knows how to deliver results. We take care of campaign setup, create eye-catching visuals and compelling copy, and help with targeting and budgeting. Our data-driven and innovative approach has made us a trusted Facebook ads advertising company in Delhi, India. Let us make it easier for you to achieve your marketing goals.

Boost Your Reach. Multiply Your ROI.

Facebook is a popular global platform with almost everyone using it. This wide reach makes it a great place for businesses to advertise and connect with a global market. As Facebook grows, businesses can reach bigger audiences and increase their brand awareness by targeting ads to specific locations. Using such a large audience can help improve your return on investment. At Sapience InterGlobe, we’re experts in Facebook advertising. Our skilled team uses our deep understanding of Facebook ads to help achieve your marketing goals and ensure your message reaches the right people.


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Get your queries answered

  • What is Facebook marketing?

    Facebook marketing is when brands communicate their products and services to Facebook users, either through a Facebook Page or targeted ads that we all see on the Facebook feed.

  • How do Facebook ads work?

    Facebook Ads target people on the platform based on their geographic location, interests, demographics and buying habits. These will be on a video we watch or on the feed.

  • How much do Facebook ads cost?

    As of now, the average Facebook ads cost is $0.50 to $2 per click. This amount can vary a great deal, depending on the industry the ads are targeting.

  • Do Facebook ads work?

    Yes, Facebook ads do work. As a marketing channel, it is an excellent and cost-effective way to reach potential customers and communicate products or services to intent buyers.

  • Can I do Facebook ads?

    Yes, you can, but we recommend using Sapience InterGlobe, so your Facebook Ads campaign is done perfectly, by ensuring that you have the right audience and your strategy is executed properly.

  • How to manage Facebook ads?

    You can manage your ads through Facebook Business Manager which allows for a wide variety of customisations on your ads such and preferred audience, interest and age, etc.

  • How to use Facebook business manager?

    You can use the Facebook Business Manager by heading over to business.facebook.com, but we recommend that use Sapience InterGlobe as your preferred agency to get the most of Facebook ads management.