Auto And Bus Advertising

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Auto, Bus and Cab Advertising

Auto, Bus, and Cab Advertising is a revolutionary way of taking a brand’s message to the streets. By transforming everyday vehicles into moving Hoardings or Ad Boards, it enables brands to reach their audiences in a unique, engaging way.

Auto, Bus, and Cab advertising has reshaped the landscape of outdoor promotions, offering several compelling benefits. When vehicles become mobile billboards, they guarantee widespread visibility as they traverse city streets, highways, and diverse neighborhoods. This kind of advertising ensures brands can consistently catch the eye of potential consumers, irrespective of where they are. The repetitive exposure from these moving advertisements, passing the same audiences repeatedly, reinforces brand messages and fosters stronger brand recall.

Unlock the power of Auto, Bus, and Cab Advertising with Sapience InterGlobe. Boost your brand’s presence and hit your marketing targets with impactful outdoor promotions. Reach out to us and let’s drive your success together!

Ad Choice


Auto Advertising

Mobilize your brand with auto-rickshaw and taxi ads, providing flexible, cost-effective, and localized targeting for round-the-clock visibility.

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Bus Advertising

Drive your brand’s success with Bus Advertising! Transform buses into moving billboards, reaching diverse city audiences and maximizing visibility.

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Cab Advertising

Boost your brand with Cab Advertising! Transform cabs into moving billboards, connecting with diverse audiences and maximizing visibility.

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Why Sapience InterGlobe is Your Ideal Auto, Bus and Cab Advertising Partner

  • Pan-India Presence
  • Cost-Effective
  • Targeted Approach
  • High Recall

Pan-India Presence

With an expansive network across India’s vast landscapes, from metropolitan hubs to quaint towns, we ensure your brand gains maximum visibility.


Compared to traditional advertising mediums, our transit advertising solutions provide a more cost-effective way of reaching larger audiences.

Targeted Approach

Customize your advertising according to the location, the type of people, and the time of day to make a bigger impact.

High Recall

A moving advertisement captures attention more effectively than a stationary one, ensuring higher brand recall and engagement.