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In the digital landscape, understanding customer pain points and optimizing digital assets is key. Sapience InterGlobe, a leading SEO Services Provider in Delhi, deploys proven strategies to make SEO work for your business. Discover how our SEO Services from a top SEO Company in Delhi can boost your online presence.

Develop SEO Strategy for your business

Optimizing your website for Search Engines calls for the understanding of business needs, customer behavior, competitor activities & search engine algorithms. An organic way of building Search Engine ranking involves a balanced approach that results in positive rather than any adverse effect. Here is our approach.

Customer Groups & Pain Points

Understand various customer segments & understand their pain points

Search Keywords & Phrases

Study their online behavior of searching & discovering solutions with keywords/phrases

Competitor’s Activities

Analyze the competitor’s strategies & activities to show up their website in search engines

Keyword Volume & Density

Extensive analysis of the keywords search volume, trends, density to pick the right ones

On-Page Optimization

Carry out the hygiene & on-page optimization standards to build a strong foundation

Off-Page Optimization

Undertake systematic activities to build content & backlinks that improve the ranking

Analyze &

Keep a close watch on traffic, keyword performance & competitor activity to improve

How we

Optimize your website for Search Engines

  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • GMB (Google My Business)
  • Google Analytics Setup & Tracking
  • GTM (Google Tag Manager)
  • Rich Results
  • Analyze & Improve

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is a bunch of steps we take on your website to help it show up higher on search engine results, like when people search on Google. Our team looks at everything on your website, from the main layout to each separate page. We examine all the words and codes (even the ones you can’t see), and make them better so that search engines can easily find your website and show it when people use certain search words.

Meta Content Optimization
Header Tag Optimization
Image Tags Optimization
URL Redirecting Optimization
Page Rank Sculpting

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization is like doing things outside your website to make it rank higher on search engine results, like on Google. This involves creating great content and getting links from other websites back to yours to make your website seem more trustworthy. This helps search engines like Google see your website as important and makes it show up higher when people search for certain things.

Search Engine Submission
Directory Submission
Bookmarking Submission
Article Submission
Web 2.0 Submissions
Video Submission
Image Submission
PDF / Document / Slideshare Submission
Press Release Submission
Classified Submissions
Blog Comments like Quora
Forum Submissions & Comments

GMB (Google My Business)

GMB, or Google My Business, is like Google’s phone book for local businesses. When people are looking for things locally on Google, almost half the time, they’re shown results from this list. If we keep your details updated in GMB, it can make your business more popular locally and even help it show up higher in Google search results.

Signup / Claim Your Business in GMB
Business Details like address, phone no, website
Update pictures & activities
Update products & services
Manage Reviews

Google Analytics Setup & Tracking

Your website is the center of everything you do online, like ads on Google search or social media. Adding Google Analytics to your website helps you keep an eye on who’s visiting, where they’re coming from, and other useful info. This helps us see how well your online activities are doing and how we can make them even better. At Sapience InterGlobe, we sift through all this info, spot patterns, and use what we learn to improve how well your website performs.

GTM (Google Tag Manager)

Think of your website like a treasure chest full of data. Google Tag Manager (or GTM) is like a tool that lets us put markers and triggers on your website without needing a lot of computer code. This saves time and lets us get loads of useful information at different steps when visitors use your site. We’ll put GTM on your website in ways that match how your visitors use it and what your business needs.

Rich Results

Rich Snippets are like extra details that can show up when your website is listed in search engine results. They’re flashy and can make more people click on your website. Our expert SEO team will design and put special codes (like Scheme) into your website’s language, or HTML codes. This will help create those eye-catching details and could give better results for your business.

Analyze & Improve

Every digital marketing activity generates enormous data, the analysis of which provides insights. These insights will be used to modify the content, activities & their frequency to bring better impact on business results.

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